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 3 Options to Service Your Client

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referral plan a

Client Pays

$ 50 p/year

  • Pass  the Savings to Your Client

VIP Agent Plan

Agent pays

$ 185 p/month

  • Sign-Up Unlimited Clients
Unlimited Lead Generation
Lead Generation Starter Toolkit

Legacy Planning 101 Training 
** Refer other Agents and Earn 20% Commission!

The VIP Agent Referral Program

Generate Even More Revenue Streams when you Refer Other Agents from Your Network  to LegacyArmour VIP Agent Subscription

Earn 20% Commission

Refer agents to purchase the VIP Agen plan and instantly earn 20% commission on the deal.

Multiple Industries

You can refer insurance agents, financial advsiors, estate planners and any other agents from all industries from your own network.

Huge Earnings

With $444 commission on a single agent, targeting firms with multiple agents offers unlimited earning potential!

Ongoing Support

LegacyArmour Business Development team will provide you all the support you need to close deals.

Marketing Collateral

LegacyArmour will provide you with marketing collateral to share with other agents so you can close deals faster.

Get More Leads

Offer agents you refer to  the  Levinson specially priced VIP agen plan, your own products/services to offer to their clients and sell more.

 Accelerate Customer Growth 10X in 12 Months 
Using 3 Easy Steps

LegacyArmour: An Agent-Centric Platform

Your Brand & Widgets 

Provide us with your own business widget and we will embed it in your client's dashboard with your contact information displayed &  visible to them so they can reach you beyond your initial engagement with them. 

Ongoing Communication 

Help them protect their assets then get notified if they need new insurance policies, financial plans or even when a life event takes place .  Our "Contact My Advisor" feature gets them in touch with you with ease and privacy.

Prospects & Referrals

When you setup your client with our platform, you designate the future recipients of the their assets  in case something happens to them. These recipients are warm leads who already know you and trust your offering.

Levinson & Associates Partnered with LegacyArmour

Use LegacyArmour as a sales enablement tool and watch your funnel fill up with more qualified leads  when you offer LegacyArmour to your clients. They will quickly realize that your goal is not only to have them buy an insurance policy, but to help them protect it making sure loved ones have access to it if something happened to them! 

Watch the video below to learn what features your clients will get when you bundle LegacyArmour with your services!

"LegacyArmour’s innovation enhances communication between advisors, their clients and clients’ children, and addresses the issue of unclaimed life insurance benefits".

Securian Financial
Digital Strategy Partnerships

Insurance Agents

Sell more life insurance policies when you include our platform with your service and watch the sales grow. Your customers will love you for it and refer their family members to you! Their life insurance beneficiaries will also learn about you and what you offer.

Financial Advisors

Partner with your customers when you offer LegacyArmour's encrypted vaults with built-in financial views, estate plans and automated delivery to their beneficiaries demonstrating your value to  them beyond your initial engagement.

Increase Your Client Acquisition by
10X in Only 12 months!

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Top 3 Reasons to Offer LegacyArmour

All-in-One. Co-Branded. Award-Winning.

All-in-One Platform 

The agent centric platform is designed to service you and your clients in a way that keeps the communication ongoing with them and even with their beneficiaries.
Promote Your Brand
Our platform is designed to put your brand in front of your clients. Your own widgets, quoters, logo, contact information and much more!

Award Winning

Our platform has been recognized by many industry leaders in the insurance and financial industries as the innovative technology that will change the way business is done. Join us!

The Best Solution On The Market 

Frequently Asked Questions


We designed our system to be easy to use. Anyone who knows how to use a simple computer can use our product,  and everything is on an annual basis. 


There are many ways to keep your brand in front of your client even after they have completed their engagement with you:
1. LegacyArmour will display your contact information within the client dashbaord.
2. The insurance quoter tool will be automatically configured to point your clients back to you for more business.
3. When information is delivered to your client's recipients/beneficiaries, they will receive your contact information.


We use what is known in the industry as “Zero-knowledge, end-to-end” encryption.  We cannot decrypt your information as we are using encryption standards similar to what is used by the U.S. Government to secure information. We treat our clients' information as such and want to ensure everyone's privacy is protected.


Yes, most people see the value of the LegacyArmour vaults right away and want to use them.  In short, this will work for you if you are:
1. Just starting out and are looking for ways to attract your core base of customers. 
2. Looking for ways to accelerate your business growth by using warm leads.